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Men's Hair


How to Get the Dorsey Burnette Pompadour Hairstyle

While rockabilly singer Dorsey Burnette from The Rock and Roll Trio was one of the founders of the rockabilly scene, today he is probably equally well known for his classic pompadour and rockabilly style as for his music. Burnette wore a slicked back, low pomp that made all the women swoon. Follow these tips to get Burnette's signature style....(more)

High Fade Haircut

This high fade haircut is a military classic. The cut is also often referred to as a "high and tight" for obvious reasons. When done right, the cut will grow out seamlessly, without lines of demarcation from one length to another. The top of this cut is shaped similarly to a crew cut with slightly more length in front than at the crown. Apply a small amount of gel or wax to style hair up on top....(more)

Pictures of Hairstyles for High Foreheads

Any haircut with bangs will have an effect of shortening the appearance of a high forehead. This haircut with long, texturized, side swept bangs fills up most of the forehead where the outline of the hairline isn't seen. This hairstyle works well with all face shapes and hair types. Work a bit of gel or wax into the hair to direct the top forward and to the side. Work the front and top sections into place with your fingers for a texturized looking finish....(more)

Ways to Wear the Pompadour Hairstyle

This look works best with hair that is straight or wavy with a medium to medium-thick texture. Hair that grows forward or is too thick, resists bending up and back easily for the smooth look of this pompadour hairstyle. This is obviously not a wash-and-go look, so expect to spend time to get it to look this way. A blow-dryer, round brush and pomade or gel will get your there. Ask your hairstylist to walk you through the how-to's....(more)

Men's Hair

How to Add Shine to Your Hair

Although you may not aspire to be an actor, you probably find yourself envying the shiny, attractive hair they always have. You'll be pleased to know the ability to have such shiny hair is easier than you might think. Getting the look of shiny hair starts with some basics you can readily incorporate into your hair care regimen.Many men people don't realize that the strands of hair we spend so much time and money on are actually dead strings of keratin. This is the same substance you have in your fingernails and in the surface layer of skin. Your hair follicles generate the keratin cells and they gradually grow out as they are pushed out by new cells.This fact has two important impacts. First, any real effort to create healthy hair has to start at the roots, in the follicle. Secondly, since your visible hair isn't living, it can't repair...(more)

Should You Shave Neck When Growing a Beard?

Whether you're growing a beard as a statement or simply like how it looks, you have a multitude of choices on how to groom and wear your beard. From the closely cropped to the full bush, beards, like hairstyles, come in all shapes and styles. How your wear your beard is determined by everything from personal preference to job requirements concerning facial hair....(more)

Shaving Soap Options

Suds: An essential yet often overlooked ingredient in the shave. In addition to lotions, creams, gels and oils, soaps provide lubrication and protection during a shave. Use too little and you may feel the burn of the razor. Many so-called "wet shavers" have replaced traditional shaving soap with an aerosol can of shaving gel or cream. Purists still love the soap, which is whipped to a lather using a shave brush....(more)


Hair Length; Above, At or Below the Ears?

Most men's hairstyles are a matter of individual taste. But regardless of your facial shape or hair color you need to think about hair length. When it comes to the three hair lengths for men, so many variations exist that the possibilities are endless. Consider the ear, and where you want your hair to be in relation to it. Deciding whether to go with an above, at, or below the ear haircut is the first step. Each of the three variants can be tailored to anyone's personal style....(more)

How to Get the New Haircut That You Want

There's nothing worse than going to a new barber and leaving with a new haircut that you don't like, you aren't used to, and that you didn't ask for. When it comes to getting the new haircut that you want, there are some specific guidelines to follow to ensure that you get what you have in mind, and that you get what you are paying for....(more)

How to Blow Dry The Mad Men Hairstyle

When it comes to how to blow dry your hair, there are a few basic strategies that will pull your style together. Styling products, tools and drying techniques are all important for obtaining a great looking blow dry style. ...(more)

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